Goals and Visions: Regeneration

If you’re a Doctor Who fan,  you know  when the Doctor regenerates, the experience is  followed by regeneration sickness. This is the way I feel now. I am shedding all past lessons and can feel aspects of  my future self yearning to be born into the world.

#AffirmationChallenge Day 1: New Beginning (Part 2)

This is a 15 day challenge following the #AffirmationChallenge at Personal Excellence.   The hardest part of a journey is right before the success. The moment when Prince Charming sees the castle and the dragon he must fight. Or, when Dorothy was challenged to get the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West. It’sContinue reading “#AffirmationChallenge Day 1: New Beginning (Part 2)”

Get Your Head Out of Your Goals

  Yesterday, I attended  a luncheon in Phoenix for the Az APSPA.  I bought my ticket the night before and had my trip planned. As long as I made my first bus, the connecting routes wouldn’t be a problem.  Leaving my house, my mind was already at the bus stop and on its way toContinue reading “Get Your Head Out of Your Goals”