Personal Stories


Fragments was originally published on a previous blog.  When I think back with a realistic eye, things lined up in ways to make this all happen. There are movies about going back and fixing what was broken.  In late 2006, I started a journey. I wanted two things. I wanted to know who I was.… Continue reading Fragments


Being Artemis Teen: Bullying

We hear a lot about bullying, these days.  When the subject is brought up many  shrug and say, "I survived. It taught me to stand up for myself in a cruel world."  Or, "Get over it!"  It's not that easy for everyone. When I was 4 years old, I was the go-getter. I was the… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: Bullying

Women's Issues

Stop Blaming Barbie

Sports Illustrated just announced Barbie as the cover model for their 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition. Immediately, the controversy started.  You can have an opinion or not about whether Barbie is appropriate to put on Sports Illustrated. That's another subject.  But, the controversy is always about self image. Is the self esteem of young girls based… Continue reading Stop Blaming Barbie


Being Artemis Teen: Three Things Every Teen Should Know

There are three things I know that so many hear every day. First : “You're not good enough.”   Not good enough for what? Not good enough to stand here? Not good enough to be graced by your presence? If someone thinks you're not good enough just to be around them, then they must not be the kind… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: Three Things Every Teen Should Know

Personal Stories

The Myth of Insecurity

The following was originally posted  here on a former personal blog. Not long after,  I had a meltdown. Then, another and another. Probably more than I can count on my hands and toes.  Whenever I thought I had turned another corner, something would remind me I hadn't made the progress I thought. I hit emotional bottom… Continue reading The Myth of Insecurity