7 Thoughts on Thankfulness

The other week, I started planning my editorial calendar. Going through my old articles, I realized I have been very neglectful of the actual writing process of Being Artemis for the past year. What a year it has been!

Last year, I heard a little voice that asked, “Would you give up everything you have to have everything you ever wanted?” What a question! I thought I could… Except I would never give up my children. Then, I went on with my walk, because that’s what you do when you near little voices asking weird questions, just so we convince ourselves we aren’t really insane.

This year, I did just that. My marriage ended. I got a full time job. I moved into my first apartment. Last week, I financed my first car and am trying to come up with things to sell in the next three weeks, so I can pay for it. I talk to my children every day and we see each other often. I am living the life of a millennial at the age of 42. Only, I have no real social life to speak of. (After I wrote that last sentence, my cat looked horribly offended).

I have had friends write and call to tell me they are simultaneously concerned and admire all I have done in such a short time. I tell them not to fret, but there are many nights I cry myself to sleep and am fearful of what I have done.

Yet, I have a lot to be thankful for, as I have many blessings.

  • My children. I love them more than anything. They are the most wonderful people I know and I can’t imagine life without them. My daughter was the reason the Facebook page continued through the summer months.
  • My cat. We met on Halloween night. Now, she’s lying on my chest as I type. She is highly intelligent, has a fascination with my tablet and anything that moves. She has listened to my French and guitar lessons. She has put a paw on my face when I cried and cuddles every chance she gets.
  • My friends. They have fed me and helped me without asking anything in return. They have been great cheerleaders.
  • My apartment. When I was younger, I had ideas on what I wanted in a home. This has it all. It is the cute in so many ways.
  • My job. My plan is to go back to blogging, freelancing, and selling through my Victory Rose online shop, next year. But, my job has been a great stepping stone. I am forever grateful for that.

Next year, I want to make this blog go full force. My original plan was about reaching women who felt alone, hopeless, or had low self esteem. If I can get one other person to not feel as I did for so many years, I will be a success. Once this blog gets more of a following, I want to start a meetup where we can encourage one another and learn extra skills and/or share or talents.

Being Artemis is about being who you are meant to be. It isn’t always easy and it is terrifying. But, if you want something enough, anything can happen.

What are you thankful for today?




This morning, I found out I LOVE making lists. No. I’m not an organized person. The exact opposite.
What I found around my house were seven books. In order, from the top.

1. The Planner — That one is expected. It’s a Franklin Covey. I was thrilled to find it at the local Goodwill. It looks just like one I bought when my Grand Aunt Sally sent me money for a Christmas gift ten years ago. I actually have thoughts and activities to organize now. So, it’s of better use.

2. The Goals Book — This has lists of goals I want to pursue, daily and weekly routines, things I want to save up for, projects to finish, and marketing plans for my blogs and online projects. There is even a little list of ideas for Boxing Day.

3. The Wise Ones Research —  Yes, that is Hera’s peacock. 😉 It was fitting for the notes I was taking when I decided I wanted to write a series of stories about (surprise, surprise) the Greek gods. There is everything from genealogy of the gods to more modern bits of history I want to look into and relate to the story.

4. The Spiritual Book — There are a few prayers, notes, and quotes. This will be used mostly for a course I just signed up for and any other spiritual nuggets that I decide to save.

5. Inspirations — You see those lists on ideas to make things better? 20 things to make you feel more romantic, feminine, confident, etc.? Some times I will find lists I really like and want to save. They go into this little red book.

6. The scholarly book– There was a time when this was used as a journal of sorts. It served its purpose, the pages I no longer needed were torn out and put away, in case I wanted to look at them some day. The many pages left have lists of books I want to read. Classic Literature, Joseph Campbell’s Book List, and any other thoughts for education pursuits (intellectual and physical) that I decide to add.

7. How to Do Everything and Be Happy — Yes, Peter Jones, might get a smile out of this one. The smallest and most medieval looking book (which someone did handmake and my husband got at a Heroes of the Silent Angels auction), has lists from the book by the above name.

They are all lovely books and, apparently, I have spent some time giving myself good advice. With one snag! I write them, then forget about them. If someone gives you a magic wand and you just sit and look at it, it’s not going to be of any use. So goes great advice. Especially when you are the one who wrote it.

For the next 100 days (well, I like to ready myself, so 100 and some days) starting on 4 October, I am using these books as I follow at least 10 of the ideas in 60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life . Yes, this list ended up in my little red Inspiration book, then I started planning for this project. Which is how I found out about all the great advice I keep giving myself and ignoring.

But, this is different. Now, that I have told all of you, I am letting you keep me accountable. I also want to help you with your own goals. Let me know, in the comments below, if you want to take this challenge with me. We’ll keep track of the ups and downs. There will be good and bad days. But, we’ll make each one fun. Even if we just tell each other a joke. (i.e., “Two fish in a tank. One turns to the other and says, “How do you drive this thing?” . Thank you, Peter).

Weekly Inspiration: Crusader (Black Gryphon)

Sunday’s Inspirational Women feature has changed to the Weekly Inspiration. Being Artemis isn’t just about women. It’s about all of us who have ever needed that extra boost in life.
Inspiration can come from a woman, man, child,  animal, or as this post proves — music. 

Send in what inspires you this week to lmarie333@cox.net and it will be featured in next week’s Weekly Inspiration.


One of the things that keeps me up and going is this song by Black Gryph0n. It’s a song about three friends (who happen to be ponies) trying to find their destinies.
We’ve all been there or we are there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pre-teen or if you’re over 40. Who am I? What is my purpose in life? We all go through it.


It’s sounds like a cliche, “Focus on the journey, not the destination.”  Enjoy the moment.  What good is it to keep moving to the destination if you miss the great moments along the way? You’re young and free — no matter how old you are. Get out there and make the most of today.
It doesn’t matter if it’s just something as simple as reading a book, playing with your kids, or watching a good movie. Don’t fret so much about who you can or will be. We know you’ll get there. Enjoy TODAY!

Thank you, Black Gryph0n, for the reminder on my playlist, this morning. ❤



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