This morning, I found out I LOVE making lists. No. I'm not an organized person. The exact opposite. What I found around my house were seven books. In order, from the top. 1. The Planner -- That one is expected. It's a Franklin Covey. I was thrilled to find it at the local Goodwill. It… Continue reading Lists

Weekly Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration: Crusader (Black Gryphon)

Sunday's Inspirational Women feature has changed to the Weekly Inspiration. Being Artemis isn't just about women. It's about all of us who have ever needed that extra boost in life. Inspiration can come from a woman, man, child,  animal, or as this post proves -- music.  Send in what inspires you this week to… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration: Crusader (Black Gryphon)


Kindness is Magic

 “And she said, 'kindness is magic, Derek. It's more important to be kind than clever or good-looking.' I'm not clever or good-looking, but I'm kind." ~Derek   For years, I thought Kindness was a weakness. I was told I was "too nice" and noticed it was always the rude and uncaring who won the day. Ever… Continue reading Kindness is Magic

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Inspirational Women: Nataly Colvin

Nataly and I first started talking the day she declared every day should be celebrated, like it's our birthday. "Happy Unbirthday!" I told her. Our long distance friendship has bloomed from there. I have used one of Nataly's customized workouts. Yes, I am stubborn, so this is what Coach Nataly had to put up with.… Continue reading Inspirational Women: Nataly Colvin