Being Artemis Teen: Different

It is a time to be different! Not different like saying, "Oh. I'm me! I'm different!" and then we go around and  act like everyone else. Be Strange! Be Odd! Be New! It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. First thing to being different is to throw everyone else's opinion out the window.   We will… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: Different

Inspiration · Men

This is for the Bronies

Why would a blog aimed at women be writing about Bronies? Why? Because,  these are our brothers in this world and something's been bothering me. My Little Pony. Well, no. My Little Pony doesn't bother me.  When I hear about a little boy who was bullied so much about liking My Little Pony that he… Continue reading This is for the Bronies


A Short Tale

Although metaphorical, this is a true story. Serendipity paid me a visit in summer, 2012. I made the acquaintance of  a sweet young man who gave me my favorite hat (the first of many), a song, and once said, "You have beauty and strength in abundance, and a great capacity to articulate both."  I am… Continue reading A Short Tale

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No Guy is Worth Losing a Friend Over

When I was 15 years old, I met a soul mate. You know you've met a soul mate when you talk for the first time and there isn't any awkwardness. You feel like you've known each other your whole lives and you have this great connection that enables you to talk about anything and everything.… Continue reading No Guy is Worth Losing a Friend Over