Never Give Up

When we are little we are told we can do anything. That we can Be Anything. But as we get older we get shot down more and more. We end up getting told what we want to do is  Impossible or Impractical . Why do people build other people up when they are young, only to tear them down when… Continue reading Never Give Up



We complain when things are not as we want, or as we expected. Sometimes  what we want  and what we need are two very different things. You may have wanted to go to a concert but you  needed  to save your money for college, or a house. You may have  wanted  to leave for something early, but couldn't, and later… Continue reading Blessings


Tweeting and Facing and Pinning — Oh My!!

Want to keep up with Being Artemis between blogs?  A little inspiration, current event comments, and....Oh! Let's face it! We're all kinds of random here. Maybe we should throw in a recipe here and there, because food is yummy. Follow us on  @BeingArtemis or @BeArtemisTeen  When we follow you back, we can run around in circles. Circles… Continue reading Tweeting and Facing and Pinning — Oh My!!

Personal Stories

RELApse and failURE

"Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic," the saying goes. The desire to drink is supposed to always be there. The taste and the buzz can be understandably attractive. But, what is attractive about relapsing back into depression? What is comforting about a dark rabbit hole of despair? This is where I've spent the last few… Continue reading RELApse and failURE


What’s Your Question?

Have a question? Want to talk about a certain topic it? We are always looking for guest bloggers and new input.  Some of our categories are   Inspirational Women Being Artemis Teen Personal Stories Women's Issues Beauty/Fitness Humour   Send a  post to Being Artemis and your idea may be featured in a future edition of… Continue reading What’s Your Question?



This is Mary the Squirrel. Many afternoons I have been distracted from work when I looked out my office window and saw her climbing up my wall. Later in the afternoon, she'll come back with some thing in her mouth.  I haven't seen Mary in weeks. I miss that. It also means my usual routines… Continue reading Intermission