Never Give Up

When we are little we are told we can do anything. That we can Be Anything. But as we get older we get shot down more and more. We end up getting told what we want to do is  Impossible or Impractical . Why do people build other people up when they are young, only to tear them down when… Continue reading Never Give Up


Being Artemis Teen: Different

It is a time to be different! Not different like saying, "Oh. I'm me! I'm different!" and then we go around and  act like everyone else. Be Strange! Be Odd! Be New! It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. First thing to being different is to throw everyone else's opinion out the window.   We will… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: Different

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This is for the Bronies

Why would a blog aimed at women be writing about Bronies? Why? Because,  these are our brothers in this world and something's been bothering me. My Little Pony. Well, no. My Little Pony doesn't bother me.  When I hear about a little boy who was bullied so much about liking My Little Pony that he… Continue reading This is for the Bronies