The Power Of Pigments (Fashion Friday)

Hey, goddesses. Welcome to Fashion Friday!


Today we are talking about Pigments. In case you don’t know what pigments are– and think I might have just cussed you out– they are finely ground colored powder. In this case used for makeup. They can be used as eye shadow, lip color, highlight, nail polish, and probably more things I haven’t yet discovered.


I usually use my pigments as eye shadow. Even without primer or anything special they stay on rather well throughout the day.

But what I’ve recently discovered that looks amazing is using pigments as lip colors. It adds a new depth to your makeup look, as well as allowing you to use colors you can’t always find as a lipstick.


I’ve tried this two ways. The first: wearing the pigment with a clear lip gloss to hold it on, so you only see  the color of the pigment, while giving it a little extra shine.


The second is adding  the pigment over the top of your favorite lipstick. It can be the same color so it can darken or lighten to the perfect shade for your day. Or experiment with your creativity and add an entirely different color.



Every girl who loves makeup needs a few pigment pots. They’re not very expensive, depending on where you get them, and they can last a long time.


Experiment! Play! Make mistakes!  Makeup has no rules. Make the most of it!


~Kat 🙂 ❤
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God is NOT My Co-Pilot

“God is my co-pilot.”  Like many sayings, it’s one that always seemed to be there. A statement of hope and guidance. Until the moment you really pay attention. That’s when it becomes laughable. If I tell myself God is my co-pilot at least I can feel like I have some sense of control. But, who said I was the Pilot?


A couple of weeks ago I took my first plane trip since I was 6 years old. After many decades and a different world, it counts as my first. Our pilot informed us that we were going to drive around to another runway only because the wind direction had changed by a few degrees. Being afraid of heights, I considered closing my window shade and concentrating on my books or music. But, curiosity got the best of me. I  watched as the wings flexed and vented before take-off. I looked out as we soared far above the clouds. It was what I like to call Delightfully Terrifying. I loved every moment and plan on traveling more. In fact, if I had my way there will be travel writing in my future.

While we were above the clouds I thought about how much we put our trust into the hands of the pilots and staff every time we fly. Turbulence and turning were two things I could not completely get used to. There were times I could look at the shapes and colouring of clouds and prepare myself for the  upcoming turbulence, but other times it was unexpected.

The flight home was just as delightful. Yet, being after dark it was a little more concerning. The wonderful older gentleman sitting in seat 4B talked me through some of the rougher turbulence, as he told me he had been traveling for 22 years and this was all normal. He talked to me about the view of Seattle and it was worth seeing the night-time view of the vibrant city.

It was  on that flight home when I thought about how much flying is like living. We have no real control other than what we do in our own little section of the world. We trust that everything will turn out well and that the turbulence won’t last too long. Every once in a while, we end up with a seat mate who is a balance of good conversation and intelligent silence.

2016 has been another one of those years that has been a harsh lesson in learning to let go of expectations and how little control we really have. Many deaths and sad times have happened to many. Yet. in years to come we will hold onto the memories that were good about the year.


We look forward to 2017 with the same hope in our personal lives that we go forward with every year.For me, 2017 will be the year of “Semper et deinceps”: Always Forward!

What will your theme be?

Beauty Subscription Review: Ipsy

Ipsy seems to be one of those things that people either really love or really hate.

Here are some of the pros and cons of this bag.

Pro: This is delivered in a cute little bag that you can use for many different things. Use it as makeup bag to hold and sort your new little goodies,  keep your on-the-go makeup kit on hand in your purse, or use it as a little clutch.

Con: Their shipping is Really Slow. My bag was shipped on the 23rd. And it won’t be here until tomorrow or the day after.

Pro: It’s cheap. It’s only $10 a month.  with no Shipping fee. (U.S. only. Shipping fees for Canada.)  (Hence slow shipping above.) But that’s almost like paying for the bag and getting the makeup for free.

Con: Sometimes the wait list takes a while. there is always a “Skip the wait list” option where you share stuff about them on your social media to help get the word out. And BOOM You’re off the wait list and get your bag the next month.

Con/Pro: You get to try new things. This can be good or bad depending on how adventurous you are. When you sign up the first thing you do is take a beauty quiz telling what you like. Only problem is when you skip clicking on something  you don’t like, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t get that item. They sometimes send you something you didn’t specifically say you like so you can try something new. I never would have known I like liquid lipstick, that lip scrubs are awesome, or what a Mood Matcher lipstick even was without this service.

Pro: Points. Every time you review one of the items you get in your bag, you get points. If you let these build up enough you can get some Really cool stuff  as a bonus with your next bag.  (I’ve gotten a full size brush and full size leave-in conditioner. for only 250 points each. Which is actually really low.)

Pro/Con: The size of the products you get.  Sometimes you can get a bag where pretty much everything is full size or deluxe size. Sometimes you get a bag full of tiny stuff. It just depends on what is in the bags that month.

Con/Pro: Most bags are different. Sometimes you may see someone who got the exact same stuff as you in their bag. But not always. Because of this, if you and some friends or family are all subscribed to Ipsy and  some of you don’t like what you got in your own bag,  you can set up a trade with your friends. So all of you are happy.

Pro/con: Sometimes you won’t get name brand items. (It’s ten dollars. Don’t always expect name brand full size items for ten dollars.) But, if you get a drug store brand it means if you love the product and run out it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get more.

Yes sometimes Ipsy is a gamble. But, I think it’s fun. And I love to try new makeup. I’ve been with Ipsy Since October 2015 and hope to be with them for a long time.





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