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Beauty and Pain

Crate Finds recently brought this to the forefront with a project, asking their Facebook group followers to post photos showing the way each lady looks to the would and the other half depicting the pain. The #beautypain project was left of to each individual's own personal take on it.

Women's Issues

300 Series is Pro-Feminism

So I went and saw 300 Rise of an Empire this weekend. For those of you not in the know, that’s the new movie with extremely ripped half naked men wearing blue capes set in ancient times. I have to say, I loved it. I adored this movie; I will actually go out and spend… Continue reading 300 Series is Pro-Feminism

Women's Issues

Stop Blaming Barbie

Sports Illustrated just announced Barbie as the cover model for their 50th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition. Immediately, the controversy started.  You can have an opinion or not about whether Barbie is appropriate to put on Sports Illustrated. That's another subject.  But, the controversy is always about self image. Is the self esteem of young girls based… Continue reading Stop Blaming Barbie