Never Give Up

When we are little we are told we can do anything. That we can Be Anything. But as we get older we get shot down more and more. We end up getting told what we want to do is  Impossible or Impractical . Why do people build other people up when they are young, only to tear them down when… Continue reading Never Give Up



We complain when things are not as we want, or as we expected. Sometimes  what we want  and what we need are two very different things. You may have wanted to go to a concert but you  needed  to save your money for college, or a house. You may have  wanted  to leave for something early, but couldn't, and later… Continue reading Blessings


Telltale Signs that You’re Dating a Geek

When I was in high school I made a wish. From the first moment I saw The Princess Bride, I wanted to find my Westley.  How many guys out there have eyes like the sea after a storm.? It shouldn’t be too hard. I loved fairy tales from childhood. This led to writing a fantasy novel. The… Continue reading Telltale Signs that You’re Dating a Geek


God Made Girls

Yay! Kat is back with Teen Tuesday! With a new line of Teen posts based on songs. Be proud to be a girl. Be proud to be who you are. But, being proud to be a girl does not mean you need to walk around topless or put down guys for not being girls. Just… Continue reading God Made Girls

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Wordy Wednesday: Live YOUR Life

Thank you, Angelina Merritt for posting this quote via Dr. Beth Golden. Live your life for you, not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.” ~Sonya Parker I'm a performer. I have been all my life. My husband calls it "only child syndrome". As… Continue reading Wordy Wednesday: Live YOUR Life


Complicity in the Faith

There is a war going on. A war within ourselves and a war of love v. fear. Stand up for those who need you. There is strength in love for others. Sometimes the simplest gesture takes the greatest courage. It could be what makes the difference in someone's personal battle. Speak up!!