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Markings on a Page

Have you ever thought about how words and pictures are just lines on a page? The difference between them is that most people can recognize the lines as a picture. It doesn't matter whether it's portrait, landscape, or abstract.  Or, if it's a photograph or a drawing. But not everyone that can see can recognize… Continue reading Markings on a Page

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Being Artemis Teen: You Are Pretty

Hi! This is Kat! Today, I decided to try making a vlog. We still have some work to do on this whole video thing, but the message is the same. Enjoy!! Be sure to leave comments on here or the video for future ideas on topics you want covered. Anything from makeup to friends to… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: You Are Pretty


Being Artemis Teen: Different

It is a time to be different! Not different like saying, "Oh. I'm me! I'm different!" and then we go around and  act like everyone else. Be Strange! Be Odd! Be New! It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. First thing to being different is to throw everyone else's opinion out the window.   We will… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: Different


Being Artemis Teen: SlOw DoWn

A little note needs to be added, but I don't want to mess with Kat's article. One weekend, Kat's dad and I left town. We found out, afterward, that Kat had invited her best friend over. They  spent their Saturday knitting, crocheting, making Popsicle stick dolls and eating cookies. "Because, cookies are awesome!" Kat says.  Now, it's… Continue reading Being Artemis Teen: SlOw DoWn