Inspirational Women: Ashley Lock

Ashley Lock is a name you most likely have never heard before. She's not a celebrity. She hasn't made the headlines. Ashley is your typical hardworking, single mother.  She likes The Green Bay Packers,  she's a Phoenix Pinup Doll in her spare time, she loves going out on a weekend night and having fun with… Continue reading Inspirational Women: Ashley Lock

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Inspirational Women: Nataly Colvin

Nataly and I first started talking the day she declared every day should be celebrated, like it's our birthday. "Happy Unbirthday!" I told her. Our long distance friendship has bloomed from there. I have used one of Nataly's customized workouts. Yes, I am stubborn, so this is what Coach Nataly had to put up with.… Continue reading Inspirational Women: Nataly Colvin


Inspirational Women: Louisa May Alcott

 Louisa May Alcott's parents met when Louisa's mother, Abigail May, was visiting her brother in Boston. While there, she met a young school teacher whose ideas were new and strange for the time. His name was Bronson Alcott. Abigail's family thought Bronson's ideas would not be good for raising a family, but Bronson and Abigail… Continue reading Inspirational Women: Louisa May Alcott


Saturday Spotlight: Mackenzie Knight

This afternoon, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw this blog from Green Wizard Publishing about Mackenzie Knight. The description her kindness and influence is something I wanted to share with my readers. True success is measured not by money, but by if we have inspired others, in a positive way.   Mackenzie… Continue reading Saturday Spotlight: Mackenzie Knight


Heroes of the Silent Angels

Every January,  over the last six years,  the Arizona chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism meets together for a free event.   A large  friendly sign on the front gate welcomes everyone, with the words:  " Heroes of the Silent Angels. Visitors Welcome." Inside, the eye is treated to a colorful display of medieval… Continue reading Heroes of the Silent Angels