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Markings on a Page

Have you ever thought about how words and pictures are just lines on a page? The difference between them is that most people can recognize the lines as a picture. It doesn't matter whether it's portrait, landscape, or abstract.  Or, if it's a photograph or a drawing. But not everyone that can see can recognize… Continue reading Markings on a Page

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Gone Too Soon

The first time I talked to Alex, he was curled up on a camp chair, trying not to cry. It was February, 2006. We were both part of the SCA and this was our big Estrella War event . That particular day, Alex wasn't allowed to go to a volunteer pizza party, because of some… Continue reading Gone Too Soon

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I never know who sees what via social media, so I'm resharing this here. When I was 13, I loved The Monkees. It's one of the first things people who knew me in middle school or my freshman year of high school remember about me.  When I got older, like many of the things that… Continue reading Broken


My Meeting with Jesus

Years ago, I had a dream. I was in this large room. It looked a little like Most Holy Trinity, only instead of pews to sit in, there were cushioned folding chairs. The room was crowded and I didn't know where to sit. I saw a number of people I used to know in high… Continue reading My Meeting with Jesus

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Giving Up and Being Selfish

There are a few phrases I want to turn around and look at from a different angle. One   GIVING UP Don't Give Up. Never give up! So, we push and push, treading water and trying to do it all. I won't give up. Today, you have permission. GIVE UP  Give up self doubt. Give… Continue reading Giving Up and Being Selfish


60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life…From Truly Mind

Sometimes, I come across articles that are written in the spirit of what Being Artemis is about. Instead, of reinventing the wheel, I find it a better idea to reblog what is already written from this fabulous site called Truly Mind.  Especially when it comes to challenges like this one. One way I have learned… Continue reading 60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life…From Truly Mind