Don’t Forget to Eat

One of the topics everyone on the Internet seems to be an expert on is what other people put into their mouths. If you're overweight,  people automatically say, "Stop shoveling in so much food." If you're vegetarian/vegan, you must be wasting away to nothing. If you prefer to have any kind of animal products in… Continue reading Don’t Forget to Eat

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Inspirational Women: Nataly Colvin

Nataly and I first started talking the day she declared every day should be celebrated, like it's our birthday. "Happy Unbirthday!" I told her. Our long distance friendship has bloomed from there. I have used one of Nataly's customized workouts. Yes, I am stubborn, so this is what Coach Nataly had to put up with.… Continue reading Inspirational Women: Nataly Colvin

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Get Your Head Out of Your Goals

  Yesterday, I attended  a luncheon in Phoenix for the Az APSPA.  I bought my ticket the night before and had my trip planned. As long as I made my first bus, the connecting routes wouldn't be a problem.  Leaving my house, my mind was already at the bus stop and on its way to… Continue reading Get Your Head Out of Your Goals



Perhaps it sounds funny for Artemis to talk about spiritualism. That's goddess, not God. The only worshiping I want are offerings of coffee, tea, good music, and chocolate. Seriously, though. The other day, I was talking with a friend about The Being Artemis Project. She asked if I wrote through a spiritual viewpoint. The answer… Continue reading Spiritualism


My Adventures in Exercise

In April, 2011, I started working out. When your feet swell on a warm day, you can make excuses. When your heart is racing a full hour after attempting to run for the first time since high school, there is a definite problem.  The only thing I changed in my eating habits was I made… Continue reading My Adventures in Exercise


8 Ways to Make Life Easier

Life isn't called "the rat race" for nothing. We wake up every morning running around like a bunch of rats in a maze, scurrying this way and that. Yet, not accomplishing nearly as much as we think . Those who accomplish the most, both physically and mentally, know how to focus and not just run… Continue reading 8 Ways to Make Life Easier