Shampooing Dry, Desert Hair

Occasionally, I’ll hair model for a local MakaBeauty session or show, when the stylists aren’t terrified of cutting off my hair. The interviews sound like, “Are you SURE you want to cut your hair?”
“Sure. Just not TOO short, though. I have chubby cheeks. You want it to look good.” Which is why I’m dismissed from the edgier shows and don’t feel bad about it, once I see pictures of the results.

During my first show, the stylist (an out of towner that is known in the industry and I wish I remembered her name) commented about the dry hair all of the models had. She said it was something she wasn’t used to in her state. Welcome to Arizona! The home of dry hair, dry skin, and a great place to sell moisturizers and ultra-blockage sun screen.

Since I was a teenager, stylists have given me what they thought was the best advice for what they would do with my hair — if they were me. The best were those who didn’t suggest I cut off all my hair or didn’t  just throw up their hands in disgust at the thick curls that were  really a mass of unmanageable tangles.(This after I had pre-washed and brushed before going to the salon.)

Over the years, I’ve asked shampoo and conditioner advice of everyone, from stylists to beauty queens. First thing I learned is stylists will always suggest the product in their shop. Even when you say, “I really don’t have an extra $40 for something I don’t know will work. Is there anything else?” It’s how they make their money, so I get that. But, I still don’t have the extra $40 for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that may not work for my hair.

No, I won’t buy $40 worth of shampoo, but I will spend a little more at the drug store. Because, it’s worth it.  The following is my adventure through store brand shampoos.





One of the stylists that was disgusted with me asked what kind of shampoo I used.  When I told her Suave, she said Suave was like washing my hair with laundry soap. That explained a whole lot.  No wonder my hair was so unmanageable. Meanwhile,  the boys in my family don’t mind laundry soap and rarely use a comb, so they’ll continue with anything that washes their hair. Lucky boys!

So, I continued with
300There were a number of years when Aussie was my favorite shampoo. It’s definitely a favorite of my husband’s. The first time I used it, I thought I had found the One.  Over the years, I have come back to it again and again. When it’s time to change out shampoos, for variety, I’ll probably go back to it. It’s just not one I’m as impressed with for a long term commitment.

LandorPrint Garnier-shampoo-and-conditioner

A friend once told me her favorite brands were Pantene and Garnier Fructis. She has beautiful hair, so I gave them a try. Of the two, I like Pantene the best. For a few weeks, it gave me a bit of moisture and felt great on my hair.
I wanted to like Garnier. I really did. I love Garnier’s hair coloring, so I thought the shampoo would be a great transition. It made my hair feel even more unmanageable and just–blah.

Baking+Soda+Hair+CareSome of the beauty experts may pass out from this one, but it’s one of my favorites. Yes, that is baking soda and vinegar, you’re looking at. No, your head will not bubble like a baking soda volcano (my boys were disappointed about that part). Why do I like it? Sometimes, there is so much product, dust, and grime that gets into hair and stays on the scalp. This solution not only makes my hair feel fresh and clean, but also makes it feel lighter. A lot like it does after having a good shampoo and salon cut. Cringe all you want. It’s effective and makes the hair feel soft.

It was in desperation that I found my top  favorite.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Organix brand costs $8. at the local Walgreens, lathers well, lasts a while, and feels incredible. It comes in many different flavours. (yes, I said flavours) organix_moroccan_agrganoil_01My daughter and I adore the Aragon Oil leave in conditioner.  Especially on days when we haven’t had a chance for a full shampoo and want to run a brush through everything.

For some reason,  when I’m happy with my hair, everything else falls into place. 🙂

What are your favorite shampoos?

Being Artemis Teen: You Are Pretty

Hi! This is Kat!

Today, I decided to try making a vlog. We still have some work to do on this whole video thing, but the message is the same.
Enjoy!! Be sure to leave comments on here or the video for future ideas on topics you want covered.

Anything from makeup to friends to hobbies to food. Especially food. 🙂


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