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Are You Afraid to Be Happy?

What is your biggest fear? Heights? Clowns? Losing your family? How about being happy? It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? We all want to be happy. Who would be silly enough to be afraid of happiness? Last week, I was washing dishes before my husband came home. My house smelled of incense, coffee, and lavender. It… Continue reading Are You Afraid to Be Happy?

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Gone Too Soon

The first time I talked to Alex, he was curled up on a camp chair, trying not to cry. It was February, 2006. We were both part of the SCA and this was our big Estrella War event . That particular day, Alex wasn't allowed to go to a volunteer pizza party, because of some… Continue reading Gone Too Soon

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Facebook Postings for My Blog Readers

Lately, I have been terribly lazy about posts. I will have a realization and end up writing it out to a friend or on the Being Artemis Facebook page. This is what happened this morning. For my subscribers, I apologize for being so neglectful. In the coming year, I am working on adding a little… Continue reading Facebook Postings for My Blog Readers



This morning, I found out I LOVE making lists. No. I'm not an organized person. The exact opposite. What I found around my house were seven books. In order, from the top. 1. The Planner -- That one is expected. It's a Franklin Covey. I was thrilled to find it at the local Goodwill. It… Continue reading Lists

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I never know who sees what via social media, so I'm resharing this here. When I was 13, I loved The Monkees. It's one of the first things people who knew me in middle school or my freshman year of high school remember about me.  When I got older, like many of the things that… Continue reading Broken

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Down the Rabbit Hole

First thought: Why does a perfect Being make such imperfect creations? Before I hear from the theists, atheists, semi-theists, and what not, I am going to say I really don't expect a concrete answer.  It's those imperfections that make everything wonderful. It's also those imperfections that make us into ticking time bombs. It might be… Continue reading Down the Rabbit Hole