Goals and Visions: Regeneration


If you’re a Doctor Who fan,  you know  when the Doctor regenerates, the experience is  followed by regeneration sickness. This is the way I feel now. I am shedding all past lessons and can feel aspects of  my future self yearning to be born into the world.  It’s uncomfortable, gross, depressing, challenging, amazing, and beautiful.  Despite the holiday, I am trying to make for as much down time as possible, plan for the next part of my life Now and not just at the moment the calendar tells me it’s a different year and decade.

“The Doctor is all of us, he lives and dies as all of us, and we need him to – because no matter the anvil-imagery of the Doctor as Christ, this is actually a far older and far simpler story than that. Everything changes. We all regenerate. I am not the same woman who first saw Rose ascend. Years go by and I become someone new, with the same memories but a new face, a new self.”
― Catherine Valenti

In the next few weeks, we will be reminded that it’s a New Decade and a New Year. There will be talk about becoming the New You, resolutions, and so on. We’ll consider our goals and if we are comfortable where our lives are now or if we want more. There is no wrong answer or approach to being the best version of who you are.  But, no one should go through daily life challenges completely alone.

For me, new goals and new thoughts start now. Not half a month from now. I am embracing Hygge and spending more time on my Pinterest, as I try to learn new things. This begins with my attempt to minimize, while also hitting my half price days at Goodwill, because I am ridding myself of an old style and setting things up for my future self.


This year, we will focus on Monthly themes. Right now, it’s the set-up. Thinking and our Visions and Goals?

  • What have you accomplished in the last year or six that you never though would be possible?
  • What do you want to be doing one year from now?
  • What small steps can you take in the next few weeks?

This can be as simple as de-cluttering or reading a new book weekly. Don’t overwhelm yourself. In today’s world, the most important things are Focus and Self Care.

Write about your goals, motivations that have worked for you, challenges, and themes you want to see. I will also be posting more on The Being Artemis Project Facebook,  so be sure to Follow.









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