Markings on a Page

Have you ever thought about how words and pictures are just lines on a page? The difference between them is that most people can recognize the lines as a picture. It doesn’t matter whether it’s portrait, landscape, or abstract.  Or, if it’s a photograph or a drawing.

But not everyone that can see can recognize words…

There may be one person  that sees a priceless painting, while someone standing right beside them may still see a painting, but not know it’s worth. They may even think it would be worth more as firewood.

Someone may have one of Shakespeare’s original sonnets, written by Shakespeare himself. But their friend  just sees a bunch of old crumbling papers with scribbles all over them.

These are all just markings on a page. If someone doesn’t understand these marks it doesn’t mean they become useless. If someone can’t read the Declaration of Independence, does that mean the document becomes worthless to everybody?

Picture two people who speak different languages. They both need the same important document but in their own language. On the way, the documents get mixed up, each ending up with the others document. Will not being able to read the document make what it says any less important

Over the past few years I have written and rewritten this in a variety of different ways and places, (I.E. Notebooks, journals, etc.) Most often I’d write about the marks on the page when I’m at my low points and I’m writing just to have something to do; something else to think about.  At those times I watch closely to how my pen moves across the page and the trail of ink it leaves behind.

I’ve thought to myself, “Why do I keep writing this? Why does it always come back to the Markings on the page?”

And then it hit me, that we are all markings on a page. We all leave our own unique marks on the pages of this strange book we call life. The value and importance of our mark does not change because of someone’s inability to see it.

We are all important to our page, or else we wouldn’t be here.

Keep striving to show the world your mark in all you do.

~Kat ❤ 🙂

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