Goodbye, Being Artemis Teen

Note:  A few years ago, I was on Twitter when I saw #JustinBieber was trending. I always check the trends, whether the topic interests me or not. So, I clicked on it. Among the usual belieber tweets was one that I always remembered. “My mom doesn’t care about me, my friends are all fake, Justin Bieber’s music is the only thing that makes me happy.”  I understood that feeling. During my lowest time, it was the music of The Monkees and posts from the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund that made me smile in my own darkness. To see a young girl with that same feeling made me want to do something so that teenage girls knew that the moms and other women of the world do care and do understand. But, just saying that is never enough.

This was the moment when Kat walked into my office. “Kat, we need to make Being Artemis Teen.”  These days, Kat is at the end of teenhood and wants to focus more on Fashion and Beauty Blogging. Which why it’s time we say Goodbye to Being Artemis Teen and make it her own place as Kat’s Corner. A lot of the topics relating to teens and Millenials will still be her focus, but with a little more of the quirkiness that is uniquely Kat. 

~Lisa Marie


Welcome to Kat’s Corner! The corner of the internet where we hide Kat’s Madness!


Did you know that no one can really see themselves? We all see reflections, or pictures of ourselves but we can’t really see ourselves. So why are we so quick to judge what we can’t see?


We didn’t always think this way. I don’t think there is any baby that thinks it’s too fat and needs to workout. So what changed?


Well, as the hashtag #THEYSAID shows it is often other people telling you these things, and it gets into your head.


But other times, like in my case, it’s not other people telling you these things. I was never told I was fat, or that I needed to lose weight. But I still see it. I saw that I was bigger than all my friends growing up. I saw that I could never get any of the cute hand me downs that went around the family because I was too big.


Nobody put these thoughts in my head but me, and I don’t think I’m the only one that’s done this to myself.


We need more people, more women to be encouraging, and accepting. To everyone. Show everyone love until they show that they don’t deserve it. And even then be the better person and show love and compassion from a distance to keep yourself from getting hurt.


You’re all amazing and beautiful. No matter where you are, what you can do, or what you look like.


~Kat 🙂 ❤

To see some of my (Kinda) daily madness look for Kats_Corner on Instagram.

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