Life is a Mess … and So is this Blog

Life is a beautiful mess!!

A few years ago, this blog began as a way  to help others. I hoped if I could be there for just One other person, so they wouldn’t have to suffer the on again/off again anxiety and depression, maybe my words could be worthwhile.

Then, I got busy. Or, I felt like I had to not have my own up and down days. Or…Or…There are many excuses. One of the biggest is that my day job is as an editor. Yes, really! The down side is I want to edit everything and don’t allow for mistakes. You know the Planet Fitness motto “No Judgement Zone”? I judge the spelling of judgment every time I see it. This also means I reserve especially harsh judgment for my own project. Knowing how professional blogs look and what SEO and formatting needs to be redone on this blog, I kept putting it off.


I did think of this blog often. I thought of ways to grow and projects I wanted to do to not only help other women, but to just share the simple day-to-day joys, like yoga, coffee, or music. But, there was that perfection rearing its ugly head.

I am here to re-introduce The Being Artemis Project. This blog is a way to relate. To remind yourself that we don’t need to be perfect. Life is a Mess and so are each one of us. No one is a finished project. Life isn’t about having a successful career and a full social life. It’s about so much more than that.

It doesn’t matter what your physical features look like, if you cry yourself to sleep every night, or if you doubt your place in the world. There is a place for you in this mess.

My daughter, Kat, and I will be writing a lot of this blog, so expect an eclectic mix of content. Everything from women’s issues, history, stories and reviews about amazing people and talent, quotes, fashion, and just plain old fun.

We will be accepting Guest Posts and would love a Guest Post exchange. We also want to know about the people who inspire you.

There will be Positive changes to this blog in the coming months. We only ask for your patience and continued support.

Until we get this all re-done, we can be contacted through the comments below or through the following social media.

Being Artemis Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BeingArtemis

Lisa Marie’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/magicquillinc

Kat’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/kats_brokeandlazy_beauty

~Lisa Marie



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