The Power Of Pigments (Fashion Friday)

Hey, goddesses. Welcome to Fashion Friday!


Today we are talking about Pigments. In case you don’t know what pigments are– and think I might have just cussed you out– they are finely ground colored powder. In this case used for makeup. They can be used as eye shadow, lip color, highlight, nail polish, and probably more things I haven’t yet discovered.


I usually use my pigments as eye shadow. Even without primer or anything special they stay on rather well throughout the day.

But what I’ve recently discovered that looks amazing is using pigments as lip colors. It adds a new depth to your makeup look, as well as allowing you to use colors you can’t always find as a lipstick.


I’ve tried this two ways. The first: wearing the pigment with a clear lip gloss to hold it on, so you only see  the color of the pigment, while giving it a little extra shine.


The second is adding  the pigment over the top of your favorite lipstick. It can be the same color so it can darken or lighten to the perfect shade for your day. Or experiment with your creativity and add an entirely different color.



Every girl who loves makeup needs a few pigment pots. They’re not very expensive, depending on where you get them, and they can last a long time.


Experiment! Play! Make mistakes!  Makeup has no rules. Make the most of it!


~Kat 🙂 ❤
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