Not My Women’s March

I once said that one could be a feminist and not be supportive of abortion. Immediately, I was told all the reasons I was wrong and that feminism was about choice. I still choose not support abortion. I do not judge those who have had to make that choice, but will always encourage other options.
Today’s Spotlight is on a blog  written from a different point of view of the Women’s March. One that is worth the read. ~Lisa

She's All Right

Yesterday I watched as thousands of women descended on our Nation’s Capital for the “Women’s March on Washington.” Women were called together in unity and solidarity, as the organizers of the march claimed to recognize that the diversity and vibrancy of women is what makes our country strong. They claimed that together they would stand for all women, and that together they would represent and defend the most marginalized among us. I’ll admit this sounds pretty good, and maybe even like something I could get behind.

The march’s official website displays the following quote by late feminist Audra Lorde: “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.” The problem? Diversity is only appreciated and celebrated when it is the right kind of diversity. But what about diversity of thought? These women cannot “recognize, accept, and celebrate” that my thoughts and my beliefs are…

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