Telltale Signs that You’re Dating a Geek

When I was in high school I made a wish. From the first moment I saw The Princess Bride, I wanted to find my Westley.  How many guys out there have eyes like the sea after a storm.? It shouldn’t be too hard. I loved fairy tales from childhood. This led to writing a fantasy novel. The Neverending Novel. Not to be mixed up with The Neverending Story. Once finished, Noah Hathaway will not be starring in this and everyone will have a name.  But, I digress. Where was I? Fantasy writing. Truth is, I was not a big fan of fantasy.


When I was 9, the boys I played with were  into The Hobbit. I tried to like it. Really tried.  But, just the thought of hobbits made my head hurt.  Soon, I started to avoid those kinds of boys.  The geeks. The nerds. The uncool. They had their own language; their own scent. They were weird and they spent their time talking about subjects stranger than Star Trek: The Next Generation.


The thing about my generation is the geeks aren’t always the oddball, pimply faced stereotype. They can look in every way like an athlete or an executive. Many times they aren’t even guys, as more girls are discovering their inner geek.  They’re everywhere and by the time a non-geek knows about it, they’ve  been sucked into a weird Bizarro version of the world they can never return from.

Following are some surefire signs that you are dating a geek:

  • Random quotes from Star Wars (or Star Trek, The Princess Bride, Monty Python, Doctor Who, etc.…)   Movie quotes are a part of our pop culture. It’s not unexpected. But, if every conversation generates a random movie quote, whether it relates to the topic or not … you may be dating a geek.
  • Talks about his roleplaying group in present tense  If he/she can tell you the minute details about the Thief he/she played in D&D, even though he/she claims to not have roleplayed in a looooong time (which probably means more than a month ago)… you may be dating a geek.
  • Knows all the lyrics to the D&D song Let’s face it. A non-geek probably has no idea what the D&D song is.
  • Has dice randomly sitting around his/her room Extra points if there are more than 10 non-six sided dice. Double bonus if the dice bag is bigger than a purse.
  • Likes to dress up in costume Halloween is not once a year and he/she does not need a costume party invitation to dress in non-modern clothing. Every day is a day to play a new and exciting character.
  • He/she can tell you more about the intimate lives of comic book super heroes, than he can tell you about his closest friends. When he/she talks about Peter or Bruce with that much intimacy you hope they are talking about Spiderman and Batman.tumblr_mgka358jOn1rfq0ndo1_500
  • He/she is the first person in line for every single Marvel movie. When he said he wanted to take you out to see Avengers you didn’t know you would be sitting outside the theatre for a day and a half.
  • His idea of a fun overnighter is a gaming or comic book convention or worse—a medieval reenactment event Need I say more?
  • You met him/her in your college computer lab before the Internet was the “in” thing This may be a personal thing. This is how I met everyone I know from college. Many actually knew what Linux was and some have IT jobs now. Me? I just thought it was fun to communicate by pushing random buttons on a box and quote Pink Floyd with, “Hello….Is anybody in there?” geeks

So, there you go.  Nine surefire signs you are dating a geek. I will leave Number 10 up to you. What signs let you know you have started walking along the path to geekdom?


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