God Made Girls

Yay! Kat is back with Teen Tuesday! With a new line of Teen posts based on songs.

Be proud to be a girl. Be proud to be who you are.

But, being proud to be a girl does not mean you need to walk around topless or put down guys for not being girls. Just be who you are, be who you always wanted to be. Shoot for the stars, shoot for the moon, heck shoot for the next galaxy! You can do anything you set your mind to do! Being a girls should never hold you back.

A lot of people complain about only being noticed for their looks, but you can use that to your advantage. Yes they see you for your looks but once they see you show them what else you can do. It can open many doors for you.

Just remember, yes guys were made first, but everyone needs a rough draft. 🙂

Love Y’all

Be sure to comment below any suggestions you may have for other posts or other songs to make into posts.



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