I never know who sees what via social media, so I’m resharing this here. When I was 13, I loved The Monkees. It’s one of the first things people who knew me in middle school or my freshman year of high school remember about me.  When I got older, like many of the things that were quirky about me, I was embarrassed and pretended it never happened.  To the point, that I sold my records at a rummage sale 10 years ago.  You can imagine how fast those records were snatched up. Really. It was one of the handful of moments in my life when I thought, “I might regret getting rid of this, later, but….” If you ever catch yourself thinking that, don’t let it go, just yet.

The last few months, the stories, photos, and good cheer over at The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Fund  have made me feel better on days I otherwise felt horrid. I wanted so much to help out the herd in any little way. First, I had an extra $20 and bought a wonderful canvas bag, that I love. This bag is like the Tardis. It’s bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. There was my planner, laptop, My Little Pony makeup box, and a book in there and I still had room for yard sale finds and a load groceries. (I kid about that last part. If I was just feeding myself, it would be true, but not with the crew I feed. 🙂 )

The day I got my favorite purse.
The day I got my favorite purse.

Recently, I went a step further and  started the monthly sponsorship of two of the horses.I never expected that this small gesture would give me the opportunity to meet some positive and fabulous people. One of them, introduced me to the music of Circe Link. I have seen a meme, lately, that says, “Always remember…People who are not happy with themselves, cannot possibly be happy with you.”  Which is why I want to introduce this wonderful video. We know what it is to be Broken and being fearful of sharing our fragments with others.
We’re all broken. It’s our imperfections that make us so lovable.

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