#AffirmationChallenge Day 2 Self Love


This post is part of the 15 day#AffirmationChallenge sponsored by Personal Excellence. Sign up and follow by clicking on the link above.

This affirmation is one the kind that started The Being Artemis Project. Self Love. If you had told me three years ago that I could say I Love ME, I would have rolled my eyes and made a self depreciating statement.
The reasons are the negativity I heard growing up.I’ve written about it before and I no longer need to dwell on it, if I ever needed to dwell on it in the first place.
I would love to say, I never, ever have a self depreciating thought, now. Wouldn’t that be lovely? But, I do. Nearly every day. “Ugh! I will look so much better when I’m a size 6, again, and look as good as other people I know.”  “If I only had more money I would be happy with myself.”
Not too long ago, I came to a realization of how many people I know, yet how few friends I have.  Yes, I was upset. Yes, I cried. Then, as I took a walk, I realized how much freedom this gave me. For the first time,  instead of saying, “I’ll focus on me” (because we always think that sounds selfish, don’t we?), I did focus on me.
I’ve done things I put aside because I was trying to make a difference to everyone.  Doing this has given me more time to practice yoga, play guitar to the point that it sounds like music, clean my house, and look– I’m writing. 🙂
In every Affirmation, I’ll probably mention Baby Steps. Everything takes one step forward, instead of trying to run the whole marathon before you can walk.
I add one thing I want to do FOR ME every week. Just one. That’s my focus.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to love yourself. Love you right now. Just as perfectly imperfect as you are.


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