100 Days Outdoors


This afternoon, I was scanning my Twitter feed when I saw this article from Huffington Post about a Dutch company that wants to help you quit Facebook. Don’t just announce to your Facebook Friends,  “I’m quitting Facebook” and come back tomorrow. Now, you can make a 99 day pledge to quit and add a countdown bar for anyone who checks your profile. After 99 Days, this company wants to know if you feel happier. After all, if Facebook  manipulates your newsfeed for a psychological experiment, without your knowledge, why not try a positive experiment.


I have one better. Let’s try going outside. Let’s call it #100DaysOutdoors You can give up your Facebook and whole social media or not. It doesn’t matter. Just spend a minimum of one hour per day outdoors. Go for a walk. Swim. Play. Sing loudly for all the neighbors to hear. Read a book.

You can even leave your phone at home. Unless, you want to take a selfie every time you go outside or just want to start taking nature walks and take pictures.


How much of a difference does that make.? Let’s give it a try! We can talk about it once we get inside.  #100DaysOutdoors

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