#AffirmationChallenge Day 1 New Beginning (Part 1)



When I started this blog with The Myth of Insecurity, I mentioned the ridiculousness of chanting affirmations. Reading the title of this article makes me think of the word hypocrite.
I awoke late this morning and decided to focus on one thing at a time. It’s been my challenge this summer. FOCUS. I sipped my coffee and read my email to find  Personal Excellence has a 15 Day Affirmation Challenge .

This caught my attention because  (1) I’m in a place, now, that doing any positive challenge is fun.  (2) This challenge is about more than saying, “I’m beautiful and intelligent” while looking longingly into the mirror.
This one is about doing.

These paragraphs especially caught my attention: 

“While this challenge is an affirmation challenge, your task for each day isn’t just to practise that day’s affirmation. Rather, there’ll be specified tasks that come along with that day’s affirmation, such as self-reflection questions and action-step planning — your task is to practise the affirmation and do the specified tasks.

Know that just saying affirmations alone is no different from hopping around with a wooden staff in a circle and singing Kumbaya (i.e. self-delusion). While chanting an affirmation over and over may give you a boost in confidence, it merely creates a feel-good factor which will no sooner end when the challenge is over.”

This is my introduction to the 15 day challenge. Later, this evening, I will write my personal update on it.

Why don’t you sign up, also? It will be fun to share perspectives on this.  If you have a blog, add your link below, so I can keep updated on your progress. If not, just feel free to share your comments that you write on the challenge.

Talk with you , tonight!!


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