Wordy Wednesday: Live YOUR Life

Thank you, Angelina Merritt for posting this quote via Dr. Beth Golden.
Live your life for you, not for anyone else. Don’t let the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked stop you from being yourself.” ~Sonya Parker

I’m a performer. I have been all my life. My husband calls it “only child syndrome”. As a little girl, I created mini-productions that I made my daddy watch in our apartment parking lot. When I was a teenager, my productions were to an imaginary audience in my room. Today, my audience consists of the people who read my words or people who know me via social media.  Many times, my Facebook posts will be specially crafted and reorganized with wit and pithiness (I love that word), as if I were writing an article for The New Yorker, instead of an update on the random thought I had pop into my head.

I spend too much time overthinking everyone else’s reactions to what I do.  Unless you are truly confident (then, bless you, and please write for me), you do this in one way or another.  It could be rehearsing daily conversation with your colleagues.  It could be following the expected path of work and life and forgetting what it is you want to do.
During the period of the recent Mercury Retrograde (because that poor little planet takes the brunt of the blame for our issues every few months) I’ve gone through a cycle that makes me feel like a bipolar yo-yo.
I’ve felt lost and friendless. I’ve had revelations of freedom and goals.
I remembered I wanted to own an antique shop. I started working on an online shop, but I also wanted to write. “Do one thing at a time,” I’ve been told. What if time is limited? What if I don’t want to master one thing before I move on to another?Antique Sign

I read a blog, yesterday,  that listed writing silly stories as a way to help a bad day and remembered how much I used to love Natalie Goldberg and writing with the flow ala Writing Down the Bones.

It’s been so long since I’ve free written nonsense, without wondering what will others think.

Even when I organize my computer. I have to remind myself that no one is going to judge me on what order my Playlists or Files are.

When I started making my checklists, I have to remind myself, I don’t need to go in the exact order as I write my notes. I don’t need to do each chore in a precise way. Yes, I’m ADD and OCD–at the same time. I’m a terribly broken mess, and that’s okay. We learn by teaching and that’s why we’re here on this earth. checklist-4

We’re here to learn our passions and to teach others to pursue what they love.  If we were all clones it would be a terrible bore. You aren’t your parents, your spouse, your friends, or the rest of society. You are an individual and if your bliss is living in a bus, pursue it. I know someone who is happy as anything doing just that. If you want to work your way to the top of  a corporation, be stay at home mom, become the first woman president, or make balloon animals and play violin in New York, then DO IT!

Live your Life! Love YOUR Life! What truly makes you happy, despite what society says. The moment you stop enjoying it, find your bliss where it lies. Whether you believe you have one life or a thousand, you only have NOW to make the most of it.
What do you want to do?

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