Wordy Wednesday: Boring Memories


 That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. ~Russell (Up)



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Yesterday morning, my youngest son had his extra “shark” teeth extracted. It’s one of my favorite days of the summer.
It sounds weird, but it’s mostly because of the above quote. When we got to the dentist, my son chose Up as the movie to watch.

The Boring things Adventures are wonderful. It’s fun to travel and explore new places and cultures.  It’s wonderful to pursue dreams.
It’s also wonderful to enjoy the small things.
My son was excited that the extra teeth were gone. He even got to keep them.  He slept off and on through the day. He woke up, at one point, asking for a Tardis.
Yesterday was boring, by most standards. Dentist, grocery, time at  home. Today will be even more boring. Cleaning, guitar playing, yoga, reading Reminisce Magazine with the children. But, those are the most fun things, because they make the memories.
LIFE is the Adventure!


3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Boring Memories

  1. I’m cleaning the house today, then going to the gym, then practicing four ball juggling. Few things less interesting than dropping juggling balls and chasing them around the back deck. But the reward is HUGE!

    I really enjoyed this, in a pedestrian kinda way. 😉

    1. Juggling is amazing. Chasing juggling balls is a lot like a game of racquetball. Granted, my version of racquetball is seeing how much I can make my partner chase after the ball. But, that’s fun of it.
      I now have something to add to my bucket list.
      Learn to chase juggling balls and maybe catch a few.

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