Tweeting and Facing and Pinning — Oh My!!

Want to keep up with Being Artemis between blogs?  A little inspiration, current event comments, and….Oh! Let’s face it! We’re all kinds of random here. Maybe we should throw in a recipe here and there, because food is yummy.

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@BeingArtemis or @BeArtemisTeen 

When we follow you back, we can run around in circles. Circles are fun and they make the world go around.


Let’s be honest. We all know Facebook likes to hide a lot.  I go back and forth every week on whether or not, I should drop the Facebook page. But, we’re still over there.  Just make sure to set Get Notifications and leave a Like or Comment, once in a while. It’s not for my ego. It’s so Being Artemis stays visible in your newsfeed. 🙂
There’s also a group started, so we can interact more. Just check the Groups sections and look up Being Artemis.


This is where the fun stuff lives. The random ideas for recipes, fashion, beauty ideas, and whatever looks useful or amusing.

Looking forward to interacting with you more. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or just want to say “hi”, don’t feel shy. We always like hearing from you.

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