My Meeting with Jesus

Years ago, I had a dream. I was in this large room. It looked a little like Most Holy Trinity, only instead of pews to sit in, there were cushioned folding chairs. The room was crowded and I didn’t know where to sit. I saw a number of people I used to know in high school who were excited to see me and offered to share their seat with me. This was strange, because at the time I could not think of anyone from high school,  who I could possibly be friends with.
Then, I saw Him. Sitting in the front was a beautiful man and an empty aisle seat next to Him. I knew Him the moment I saw Him. No, he didn’t look like the paintings and pictures we see of Jesus. But, they weren’t way off, either.
I wanted so badly to take that seat, but I couldn’t. I mean, me. Me? Sit next to Jesus Christ? I wasn’t worthy. I’m sure my thoughts went to looking for a back row seat or a nice corner on the floor. Because, I knew I couldn’t sit there.
Then, He saw me. He was so happy to see me. He knew my thoughts about all the horrible things I have done in my life, smiled, and said, “Don’t do it, again.” He hugged me and asked me to sit with Him.

There is a fear of God’s judgment.  God is Love. He is not One to fear. God Loves us, knows us, and forgives us.  We are our own worst judges. Let’s start forgiving. Both others and especially ourselves.
Happy Easter!

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