Giving Up and Being Selfish

There are a few phrases I want to turn around and look at from a different angle. One



Don’t Give Up. Never give up! So, we push and push, treading water and trying to do it all. I won’t give up. Today, you have permission. GIVE UP 

Give up self doubt.

Give up running in circles.


Give up doing what isn’t working.

Give up people who make you feel bad about yourself.

I once wrote this advice on Twitter, and someone tweeted back that they should give up themselves, in that case.

Honestly, yes.


             DON’T QUIT!

When I couldn’t go on any more, a few years back, I gave up.  After I finished crying, there was an emptiness.  I cried some more. I prayed a lot and told God I’m not Job. This is at least a bi-annual, sometimes quarterly, reminder in my prayers. I’m NOT Job. I can only handle so much before I completely crack open.

I thought about what I wanted to do. Where I wanted to be. How could I get there? What held me back? I stripped down the layers of my soul and let them sit. I had given up.

I needed a break and couldn’t run anymore.  I took myself out to lunch. I worked a little. I read a lot.  I took inner inventory of what I should and shouldn’t continue to pursue.  It was at the end of this cycle that A Short Tale was written.

Giving up isn’t quitting. What is the first question an IT tech asks when your computer is wonky? Did you reboot? It’s funny, but it often works. Giving up, isn’t throwing away the computer aka you. It’s rebooting and starting from now.



This doesn’t mean you treat everyone else as subpar human beings and become a diva.  Take care of yourself first. If a car has no petrol, it’s eventually going to conk out in the middle of an intersection. Pushing a car uphill is not a fun experience. Neither is it fun to push yourself mentally uphill, when you’re carrying everyone else’s burdens. Redistribute that burden. Take the world off your shoulders. You aren’t Atlas. Breathe. Take time for you. It can be one day out of the week or 10 minutes a day. A day when you do what you want and regroup.

Learn to say No. I know. You read that one all the time. But, it’s hard not wanting to make others happy. Eventually, you’re exhausted. Exhaustion is when the little demons start whispering in your ear and the whole cycle starts over.

Enough with the martyrdom! Go easy on yourself. You’re worth it!!

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