Being Artemis Teen: Different

It is a time to be different! Not different like saying, “Oh. I’m me! I’m different!” and then we go around and  act like everyone else.

Be Strange! Be Odd! Be New! It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.

First thing to being different is to throw everyone else’s opinion out the window.   We will always have someone wanting us not to be some way. Always be someone who says to stop doing something because “People are talking.” Talking? I thought people always talk about one thing or another. If someone is worried about what you do socially affecting them, they might be hanging around with you for the wrong reasons. We don’t want to live in a word where everyone looks and acts like they just came from a cookie cutter.

Now throwing opinions out the window is a matter of who and how they are saying it. This morning in a class a friend of mine thought it was the strangest thing that I was excited to get a computer in my room that didn’t have internet access. Although I never questioned him when he said his fun of the weekend was taking the S.A.T.test. But when a friend asks you to stop doing something because they are worried about you, that is when you should listen.

Know who your friends are. A true friend is never “Too busy” to talk when you really need to. We all know family and school come first, but if you really are a friend at least send an email or text every once in a while. Just so they know you care.

Always remember, #KindnessIsMagic (Pass it on.)

Kat ❤

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