Inspirational Women: Ashley Lock

Ashley Lock is a name you most likely have never heard before. She’s not a celebrity. She hasn’t made the headlines. Ashley is your typical hardworking, single mother.  She likes The Green Bay Packers,  she’s a Phoenix Pinup Doll in her spare time, she loves going out on a weekend night and having fun with her friends. Most of all, she loves her three children.

That was one of the first things she ever told me, “My children are my life.”

Actions speak louder than words. Ashley was already working two jobs and spending every spare moment taking her children on great adventures whenever she had time off.   Last summer, she was excited about moving into a new house and spending even more time with her children.  Then, the news hit on September 18. Her nine year old son, Richard aka “Bubba”, was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer.

When we talk about the strength of a person, we see the mask they wear on the outside.  When we need to be our strongest, we show the world we can take on mountains, but, inside, we feel like a million shattered pieces. This is the feeling a mother has when she just wants to take the hurt away from one of her babies. This is the most difficult battle anyone has to go through.

True courage isn’t pretending everything is fine when it isn’t. True courage is waking up every day and moving forward every day, no matter how difficult things get.

This trial is the scariest thing she has ever gone through. Yet, she has proven over and over that her children are her life.

For this example of strength, courage, and motherly love, Ashley is this week’s Inspirational Woman and an amazing example of Being Artemis.  I love you, Ashley. ❤


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