Say What You Want to Say

This weekend and next are booked up with outside obligations, so we will return on Monday with the theme of Friendship.

Right now, I want to thank everyone who has subscribed here, Liked us on Facebook, and commented or Retweeted on Twitter. It’s not easy to share vulnerabilities, but if it helps others, it’s worth it.

It would be great to hear more from all of you.  A community that doesn’t interact is just a bunch of strangers behind closed doors.

One of my favorite things is spotlighting other people. Everyone has a story to tell. Even those who think their lives are boring.  I know mine is, yet I go on and on about it in a blog. 🙂  Tell us about someone who has inspired you or has a story to share about accomplishment or overcoming adversity.  We’re not looking for perfection.

Following is a basic schedule of the weekly articles. Sometimes this gets changed up depending on current events and what thoughts strike our fancy.

Have your own ideas? Let us know about them.  Have a great weekend!!

onlinesignature.in_mysig (2)

Sunday= Inspirational Women

Monday= Being Artemis Teen

Tuesday = Personal Stories/Current Events/Inspiration

Wednesday= Wordy Wednesday

Thursday= Women’s Issues

Friday= Beauty/Fitness

Saturday= A day off or whatever we feel like doing

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