Don’t Forget to Eat

One of the topics everyone on the Internet seems to be an expert on is what other people put into their mouths. If you’re overweight,  people automatically say, “Stop shoveling in so much food.” If you’re vegetarian/vegan, you must be wasting away to nothing. If you prefer to have any kind of animal products in your diet, you’re just cruel and heartless.

Everyone is different. Our bodies all have different metabolisms and different needs.  My biggest problem in weight loss is making sure I get enough exercise. If I do that, not only do I feel better, I’m losing inches within weeks.

My problem wasn’t eating too much. The exact opposite. I wasn’t eating enough. I once used an online calculator to figure out my calorie intake. The results came back, “How are you still walking?”

I had to train myself to eat. I wasn’t purposely skipping meals. I just forgot.  The standard is frequency. Every few hours I need to eat something. Not a full meal. Just something to keep my energy levels up. After a few weeks of timing my meals,  my body now knows when it’s time to eat. A lot like the dog who can’t tell time, but knows it’s suppertime, my stomach will remind me with a growl.

Now, omnivore or vegetarian. That’s up to you. I was just informed, yet, again, that the idea of a human needing to eat animal products is a myth. Tell that to  the people who know me and have seen the differences in the last few years. You may as well tell me that coffee doesn’t help me focus my ADD.  As my husband says, “You would think that would be the opposite effect, but it works for some reason.”

I have spent years paying attention to what does and doesn’t work to make me feel better, both physically and mentally. I’ll trust my own experience over some guy on the Internet who thinks he  knows my needs better than I do.

When you have your lowest moments and there is no outside cause, pause and think about not only when you last ate, but what you ate. Did you have too much junk and not enough to fuel your body? Do you have enough water? Did you get out in the sun for a small dose of Vitamin D? 90% of the time, when there seems to be no reason to feel blue, there is a physical reason.

Have a great weekend. Go out there and do great things.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Eat

  1. Good points. Science is always changing its mind on foods. Pay attention to what properly fuels your body and use good judgment and moderation. Too much of anything, even chocolate, isn’t a good thing. *sigh* Don’t expect me to give up chocolate completely, though.

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