Wordy Wednesday: Mistakes

Today, I wanted to find some inspiring words about Mistakes. What I found made me laugh and I must share the joke with all of you. 

First, I found a quote from Napolean
Napoleon-i-9420291-2-402Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

I was sure this was a mistake in itself. I knew that quote. It was from one of Napolean’s enemies

Horatio Nelson


Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to making a mistake, we must not interrupt him too soon.

Apparently, these two great naval leaders, on opposite sides of the battle had the exact same thoughts.

C’est la vie …That’s Life!

3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday: Mistakes

    1. To make up for it, “Buonaparte has often made his boast that our fleet would be worn out by keeping the sea and that his was kept in order and increasing by staying in port; but know he finds, I fancy, if Emperors hear the truth, that his fleet suffers more in a night than ours in one year.”
      ~Horatio Nelson

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