Being Artemis Teen: SlOw DoWn

A little note needs to be added, but I don’t want to mess with Kat’s article. One weekend, Kat’s dad and I left town. We found out, afterward, that Kat had invited her best friend over. They  spent their Saturday knitting, crocheting, making Popsicle stick dolls and eating cookies. “Because, cookies are awesome!” Kat says.  Now, it’s time to get to her article. ~Lisa

We’re always seeing things like a seven year old wondering if she looks good in a bikini. Or, a ten year old worrying if her boyfriend is going to break up with her, because someone else is prettier.

Come on! Do little girls really need boyfriends!? I’m 16 and haven’t even been on a date, yet. It’s not like it’s the 19th century where you have to be married by 15 to make your family proud.

You need to slow down and take some time to have fun.  You don’t need to be on a date or at a big party every weekend to have fun.

Once a month just plan a Girls’ day. No boys allowed! 

Have a spa day: Do each others hair and nails. Give each other facials or blind folded makeovers. Make sure to eat lots of things you know are bad for you.

Have a play date: This is one I’ve done with my friends the most. Get together and act like little kids again. Make a fort to keep little brothers out.  Play dress up. Have a tea party. Make up goofy plays or stories with your dolls. (With your friends or not. I like playing with dolls by myself more.) Or, just watch your favorite movie from when you were little.

Make things: Doesn’t matter if it’s food, clothes, a movie, or toys. Just get creative. Mess up, and laugh at your mistakes.

Most of all plan something where you can have fun together.  Girls only. 

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t had your first kiss, or been on a date. (I sure haven’t.) We have plenty of time for that, later. Right now you do whatever you want. Just laugh if anybody thinks you’re strange for doing so.

Kat 🙂

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