Get Your Head Out of Your Goals



Yesterday, I attended  a luncheon in Phoenix for the Az APSPA.  I bought my ticket the night before and had my trip planned. As long as I made my first bus, the connecting routes wouldn’t be a problem.  Leaving my house, my mind was already at the bus stop and on its way to Phoenix, as I thought about what connections I needed to make to get downtown by 11:30.

Looking ahead, I was no more than a couple blocks from home and already frustrated. I could see the next step ahead of me, but I was annoyed that I still had a few more blocks. I could see the park I needed to cross, but it was going to take a few more minutes. Why wasn’t I going faster?

It was at that moment when I thought of this article. It helped my frustration, because it gave me a focus that wasn’t going to keep me jumping ahead a few moments at a time and wondering why I wasn’t there, yet.

I did make my first bus. In fact, I was about 15 minutes early, so had plenty of time to listen to the quiet of the desert, as I waited.  Made all my connections.

This is the same as our fitness goals.  We set our goals and see the destination, so get frustrated and quit when we see it, then look down at the path we’re on and we’re just not there yet.  Set your goals. Go one step at a time.

Next week, I’ll write more about goal setting. If one of the most highly unorganized people (me) can get goals in order, then anyone can.  They can be fitness, personal, work, or spiritual.

What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? List them below. Get them written out as step one.  Then, start from where you are.  Stop looking at the marker down the road and focus on where you are right now. It’s in your sight, but you have to keep pushing forward to get there. And, you will get there.

I’m rooting for you!!

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