Being Artemis Teen: Take a Break and Have a Cookie

We all deal with stress from one thing or another, no matter how unbreakable you pretend to be. So many just put on a brave face, say “Oh, I’m fine.” then go home and cry themselves to sleep.

Some days you just need time to disappear, but not in a bad way.


First find a place that is just for you. Your bedroom, a corner you have decorated with things you like, or even just a place in your yard or a park. Take a little time every day to have some you time. A time to do whatever you want, read, draw, listen to music, or just take a break and eat some cookies. This is a time for you to be you. Not what everyone wants you to be.

Then, there are the really bad days when you just want to scream  and don’t know what to do. First thing you do is breathe. Everyone forgets to breathe when they’re stressed. Then, you get a Journal that will last a long time, and a notebook that won’t. Whenever you are really upset take both in the notebook rant. Get all your anger and frustration out on paper. Then, in the journal, write all the good things you can think of about that day.  Just pause and really think about it. Once the notebook is full, read through them both. Compare the good and the bad. Then burn the rant-book. Your life is full of much more important things. You don’t need those worries.

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