So…You’re Having a Bad Day……

When we think of a beauty pageant winner, we think of the stereotype. The beautiful diva, who makes us “normal” girls feel small and ugly. The first time I met Amanda was at a local Starbucks, when I wrote an article for Smartfem. Amanda was the exact opposite of any stereotype. Yes, she is gorgeous. But, it wasn’t intimidating. We spent 3 hours chatting with each other, as if we had always been friends. She proved to have an even more beautiful personality.

I love Amanda, because she was the person who taught me to smile. As you can see from the photo below, I had trouble even smiling for a camera.  She said even when she’s very tired, she will smile, because you never know whose day you are changing for the better, because you smiled at them. She was right. It makes a great difference.

Guest Post by Amanda Grad

So…… You’re having a bad day…….

We’ve all been there. A bad day can stick with you until bed, or sometimes it can follow into the next day, maybe the next week, or month, or in some cases it can follow you through life! It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Maybe it’s the “hopeless optimist” in me, but I truly believe that we have the power to look at each new day as a new start.

If you had a bad day yesterday, well, that was yesterday. A new day can be a new beginning, a new outlook, and the bad day you had before is part of the past. Even on my worst bad day, I go to bed with an open mind that tomorrow will not be the same. I think of the good things, good people, and positive points in my life. There is ALWAYS someone or something that can help me to see a “silver lining”. Even on the days that are a real downer, and it seems almost impossible to find good in a situation, try to see the lesson. What have I learned from that? And what can I do to ensure that won’t happen again? It’s not always easy….. But if you can keep an open mind, and look for the good, maybe even challenge yourself….. You can make sure that a bad day stays just that!

A bad day…..not a bad week, month, year, or life.

560738_3854249242412_777453199_nAmanda is the current reigning Mrs. US Universal 2013. Shortly after winning her national title she proudly represented the USA on the International level in Aruba last August and placed as 3rd runner up. Amanda has been in the pageant industry for over 13 years and has held 6 state titles, 1 regional title, and 2 national titles. Amanda is very active in her community, volunteering with several organizations. For the past 7 years she has been very active in animal rescue, specializing in fostering abandoned kittens or puppies who need to be bottle fed and hand raised. Amanda serves on the Board of Directors for her community’s homeowners’ association, is the head chairperson of a design review committee, and one of the directors in her community’s crime prevention.
Visit her on Facebook at Mrs. USA Universal.

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