No Guy is Worth Losing a Friend Over

When I was 15 years old, I met a soul mate. You know you’ve met a soul mate when you talk for the first time and there isn’t any awkwardness. You feel like you’ve known each other your whole lives and you have this great connection that enables you to talk about anything and everything.  Then, we broke up. Better word might be broken up.  Our break up was caused by outside sources of miscommunication, jackassery, and basic petty teenagerism.

The main problem? A guy. My soul mate was my best girl friend.  The guy was just another teenage boy. One of millions in the world. He wasn’t anything special. Not special enough to break up a friendship. But, that’s what happened. It was all basics of every teen drama. Screaming, crying, “she said”…..   Through the rest of high school, my friend and I missed one another, but we each thought the other one hated us.  Especially when mutual acquaintances stated, “Oh. She hates you.”  The thought of seeing her, again, terrified me. To the point, that when I saw her in the grocery, when I was out shopping with my dad,  a few years, later, I left.   I thought there would be more drama and more confrontation, so my chickenheart left the store and didn’t take a chance at a possibly uncomfortable moment.

I grew up, moved on, and forgot the good parts of that friendship. I only remembered the ending. By coincidence of events, I met my friend, again, after 18 years. It took a lot to pull out the good memories, get through the bad, and start new ones.  This was one of the bigger pieces of my soul that I had to find.

Reuniting with my best friend was better than therapy. It was therapy. For both of us. We’ve had our arguments and make ups, since.  She has been one of the best supporters I have. She has seen me go from complete insecurity to Becoming Artemis. 🙂

My only regret is letting outside sources break up the friendship in the first place. No guy is worth destroying a friendship over. None.

Learn from my mistakes.  A good friendship is hard to find. Hold onto it.

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