Being Artemis Teen: Three Things Every Teen Should Know

There are three things I know that so many hear every day.

First : “You’re not good enough.”   Not good enough for what? Not good enough to stand here? Not good enough to be graced by your presence? If someone thinks you’re not good enough just to be around them, then they must not be the kind of people you want to be around, anyway. Not good enough is such an empty statement. It could mean anything, but overall it means  whoever says it to you, without a good reason, is not worth your time. The only one you need to be good enough for is you.

Second : “You’re not smart enough.” Another empty statement. I’m not smart because I don’t do well on tests? I’m not smart because I don’t understand a subject? That doesn’t show if someone is smart. It only shows that someone can parrot a teacher. There are many ways to be intelligent but most only think about school. You can be smart and not sound like you swallowed a textbook.

Maybe, I didn’t do well on a test because I can’t think well under pressure. Maybe, I’m not doing well in a subject because I can’t understand how it’s being taught.  Yes, you need to read between the lines with some people. But, first, you need to see the lines and the big picture side by side.

Third and final : “You’re not pretty enough.” Think about it.  Do you want to be just pretty? Or do you want to be beautiful? Pretty can only go so far. Pretty is if your clothes are new and perfect. If you’re hair is styled like everyone else. If your makeup is perfect. Pretty is being a cookie cutter copy of everyone around you. They say beauty is only skin deep. I don’t believe that. Beauty can go as far as you want it to. Pretty, on the other hand, doesn’t even seem to go skin deep. It more often sits on top of the skin.

Being beautiful means looking nice inside and out. Being beautiful and having self confidence doesn’t mean you always have to look good. It means you look however you want to look, no matter what others think.

Don’t just look into the mirror and say, “I’m good enough.”  Look and think, how do I want to be? It’s all about how you feel about yourself. Once you feel good about yourself, it won’t matter  what  others say about you. There will always be others who will want to lift you up or put you down.  You just need to get through them, one by one, and find who your real friends are.

Kat is a 16 year old home schooler. She likes horses, collecting dolls, and reading books. “Because books are nice.”

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